Liquid Snow Shovel For Keeping Pavement Clear of Snow and Ice

Don’t be left out in the cold shoveling snow and ice any longer than you need to be out there!

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One of the things we all hate about winter is the time we spend shoveling snow and chipping away at underlying ice.

Once it starts it seems it will never end.

As homeowners we want to keep our walkways clear and safe for our loved ones.

As business owners we’re keenly aware of potential liabilities faced when parking lots and walkways aren’t cleared for employees and customers. Not to mention the high costs associated with keeping rock salt on hand and the mess salt creates in our buildings.

A lot of these problems are solved with Liquid Snow Shovel.

It’s an anti-bonding and de-icing agent. It’s capable of melting snow and ice at a faster rate than rock salt.

And it’s simple and easy to use. Liquid Snow Shovel provides effective liquid ice control when applied either before or after a snow storm or an ice storm.

When used prior to the storm, Liquid Snow Shovel creates a melting barrier between the pavement and the snow. It inhibits snow and ice from bonding and sticking to the pavement or concrete.

This makes it easier for snowplows and shovels to clear snow down to the bare pavement.

When used after the storm, Liquid Snow Shovel is active immediately melting the snow on contact, keeping sidewalks and parking lots clear down to the bare pavement depending on weather conditions.

You get to bare ground every time you plow or shovel.

Liquid Snow Shovel is a “clean” product meaning that it is colorless, odorless, leaves no white tracking residue, not harmful to pets or humans.

Available at both Northern Building Supply stores – in Traverse City and Suttons Bay.

by Northern Building Supply